Seattle public schools have been out of order since January, with many schools in the district reporting that students are unable to attend classes.

The Seattle Times reports that in many instances, teachers are either unavailable or absent, meaning that students can’t work.

Schools in King County, Wash., and Pierce County, Washington, reported the largest number of students not attending classes, with several schools reporting that at least one student did not show up for classes.

School districts in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the school district has one of the largest welding schools in California, reported that they had at least two students unable to make it to school.

The state of Washington reported the highest number of suspensions of any district, with nearly one in 10 students not going to school for at least 30 days.

This isn’t the first time the Seattle Public Schools have been in trouble with compliance, and this isn’t even the first case of a school district in the state being forced to pay $7.5 million in fines to a contractor.

In May, the Seattle City Council voted to allow Seattle’s School District 3 to begin a $1.5 billion settlement with a company that was found to be in violation of federal environmental laws.

The settlement will cover the school system for the next three years, and the city will also pay $1 million in attorney fees.

The $1 billion settlement was announced in a press release issued by the Seattle School District, which said the settlement will provide “financial support for our community in our continued efforts to meet the needs of our students and teachers.”

The Seattle Public School system is one of several school districts in Washington that have been ordered to pay out more than $8 million in settlements to a company, which was found in violation under the federal Clean Water Act, which prohibits pollution from oil and gas drilling.

The company, Chesapeake Energy, was found guilty in November of two violations of the Clean Water act, including violations of Washington state law.

It is the largest settlement ever for a company and is the second-largest overall for a school in the nation, behind the $8.6 billion settlement of the Seattle Pacific University in November.

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