The top 20 earners of all-time earned about $7.5 billion in their last three years, according to Forbes’ annual list of the wealthiest Americans.

But the average American is spending nearly half of that money on college.

Here’s how to get your kids through the debt-forgiveness process.1.

Don’t forget about the loans You’ll need to pay off all of your college loans, including loans that are not fully forgiven.

For example, the federal government currently has about $1 trillion in outstanding student loan debt, according the Education Department.

And many private lenders have forgiven more than $400 billion in student loans since 2009.

But you can’t fully forgive all of the student loans.

In fact, the amount you can get forgiven is limited to your adjusted gross income, which is the difference between your income before taxes and after you pay for your loan.

That means if you owe more than your adjusted income, you can still be forgiven.

Here are some tips to help pay your student loans off:1.

Ask if there’s a grace period to get out of debt.

In addition to your federal loan payments, you’ll need state and local student loans to pay for other expenses, such as rent or a car payment.2.

Find out if your parents or other family members have student loans in addition to federal student loans, such that they can defer the full amount of payments.

You can find out how much federal loans are forgiven by going to the Department of Education website.3.

Donate to help students pay off their loans.

There are many ways to help out your kids.

Check out this list of scholarships, grants and other financial assistance for students.4.

Ask your loan servicer if you can make the payment at home or if you must pay it at a lender.

You may also be eligible for financial aid for the first year of college.5.

If you’re struggling to pay, consider applying for student loan forgiveness.

It may sound easy at first, but it’s not.

The forgiveness process may take a year or more.

If the loan servicers aren’t able to fully forgive your loan, they can still help you pay it off by making payments directly to your bank account.6.

If your parents have student loan debts, it may be a good idea to contact them.

If they can’t pay, they might not be able to take on your loan as an individual.

For more on this topic, see Student loan forgiveness and student debt forgiveness.7.

Get a copy of your federal tax return to help you figure out how your income compares to your loan repayments.

If there’s any discrepancy, you might be eligible to get a refund from your federal taxes.8.

If debt is a problem, talk to your student loan servier.

Some lenders may not have a good record of the types of loan you have and your payments.

Your loan servist may have additional information you can use to help determine whether you can qualify for forgiveness.9.

Talk to your school counselor.

A good place to start is to talk to a school counselor about your debt and the repayment plan you have.

The counselor can explain the various ways you can reduce your payments, such a the interest rate on your federal loans.10.

Don�t let your debt burden deter you from getting a college degree.

For many families, the prospect of paying off a college loan is too much to overcome.

But many of the best college programs are offered online, so you can pay off your loans at your own pace.

If all else fails, consider signing up for a tax-free loan through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, which offers tax-deferred repayment options for veterans.

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