DENVER — The Denver Public Schools district announced Tuesday that it will be slashing $6.2 million from its 2019-2020 budget as part of a deal with the district’s largest school districts, the city said.

The district said it will also be reducing its workforce of about 200 employees from nearly 600 in 2019 to about 160.

It said that includes about 250 from the district and about 200 from other agencies, including the Denver Police Department.

The reduction will be paid for with a $4.4 million state bond, and the district said the new money will help fund a new teacher training program, including about 150 teachers and support staff who will work directly with students and support teachers in school.

The Denver Public schools board, in a statement, said the district will begin reducing staff to about 250 people in 2019 and will eliminate more than 100 positions at its downtown school.

It also said it has set up a new support staff position in the Denver Public School District to provide support and mentoring for students.

Denver Public Schools officials said the cuts will affect more than 3,000 students in the district.

They said the reductions will be phased in over two years.