By MATT SHARPMAN, Associated PressTRAFFIC SCHOOLS in Arlington, Texas, may be closed on Tuesday because of the sun, but the sun is shining.

That’s because the National Weather Service says that the sun will set at 6:15 p.m. on Tuesday, just as the school is closing.

It will be the second day in a row that the school has had to close because of bad weather.

Schools across the country are preparing for the worst when the sun rises.

But in Arlington this year, the sun has set, forcing schools to close for a week.

On Monday, the Weather Service said the sun would set at 7:18 p.M. in the area around the Arlington High School, but that morning’s forecast was for a low of 10 degrees and it was still dark by the time it was reported.

The school district says it is taking the opportunity to work with the community to address the problems caused by bad weather, which includes bad roads and power outages.

A spokeswoman for the Arlington Public Schools, Karen Lautner, said that the closure is not related to the sun.