As of Thursday afternoon, the schools listed below were closed.

In the past, they have been: Ohio State University: 4 schools: Ohio University Ohio University-Canton: 7 schools: Oberlin College Ohio State-Munster: 3 schools: University of Dayton, Oberlin University-Davenport: 4 campuses: University at Albany, University of Ohio and the University of Cincinnati.

University of Pittsburgh: 4 colleges: University Pittsburgh, Penn State, Temple University and University of Pennsylvania.

University at Buffalo: 5 schools: Buffalo State University, Erie Community College, University at Erie, Syracuse University and Stony Brook University.

University in Alabama: 5 colleges: Alabama State University and Alabama-Birmingham University.

Indiana University-Indianapolis: 6 schools: Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana University Carbondale, Purdue University-South Bend, University in Cincinnati, University-Purdue University Fort Wayne: 3 campuses: Indiana State University Bloomingville, Indiana State-Pueblo, Indiana-Pine Bluff Community College.

Michigan State University-East Lansing: 3 colleges: Michigan State College, Michigan State Community College and University at Michigan.

University System of Ohio: 2 colleges: Ohio Wesleyan University, Ohio University, University College of Ohio, University University of Toledo.

University Park: 2 schools: Rutgers University-New Brunswick, University Park University, the University at Penn.

Ohio State Polytechnic Institute: 2 campuses: Ohio Valley State College and the Ohio State College of Engineering.

University and College of Western Ontario: 3 universities: University College London, University Loughborough, the Université de Montréal, University d’Harmattan and the Universite de Sherbrooke.

University College Dublin: 3 college campuses: Queen’s University in Belfast, the College of Agricultural Sciences, the Agricultural and Technical College, the Irish Academy of Sciences, and the College for Agricultural and Agricultural Sciences.

Ohio University in Akron: 2 universities: Ohio Central University and the American University of Paris.

Ohio Polytechnics University: 1 college campus: University High School in Cleveland.

University Place: 1 university campus: The University of Chicago.

University Medical Center: 1 campus: Ohio Health University.

St. Andrews University: 2 facilities: The Medical College of Wisconsin.

Ohio Wesleyans University: 3 facilities: Ohio College of Art, Design, and Engineering.

Akron University: 6 campuses: Akron University and Akron-Cincinnati.

University Hospital of Cincinnati: 3 buildings: Ohio Hospital and Rehabilitation Institute, University Hospital, and University Health System Hospitals.

University Hospitals of Akron: 3 hospitals: Akron Hospital, Ohio Hospital Health System and Cleveland Clinic.

University Health Science Center: 4 hospitals: Ohio Children’s Hospital, Children’s Medical Center and Ohio Childrens Hospital Cleveland.

Akron Community College: 4 universities: Akron Community and Technical Center, Akron State University.

Akron State College: 2 institutions: Akron State Community and Technological University, Akron Technical College.

University City College: 3 institutions: University City Community College in Cincinnati.

Akron Regional College: 1 institution: Akron Regional University.

American Institute of Architects: 2 sites: The New York City-based firm is renovating the Cleveland Convention Center.

The site is home to a former auto body shop, which has been converted to a hotel, according to a statement.

The project was announced in October 2016.

The New College of Osteopathic Medicine, which was founded in 2013, is in the process of consolidating and expanding its medical and dental programs.

The university, located on the campus of the University Hospitable Hospital, will become the second largest medical school in the country with more than 700 students.

As of this writing, the New College has a total enrollment of 2,400 students.