Posted September 15, 2018 06:53:51 I know a lot of tattoo artists out there.

I’ve tattooed some of them, and I can tell you it’s a tough process.

If you have any of those tattooed friends, they’re going to ask for a lot more money than you’d ever pay for one of their own tattoos.

I know because I did.

But with that in mind, here’s what I did to make a new tattoo for my friend.

I started off by putting on my own tattoo of my favourite song: a beautiful picture of my friend on the left.

My friend’s name is Jessica, she’s a 19-year-old from Sydney, and she was born and raised in New South Wales.

We got our first tattoo there when she was six, when I was in Grade 2.

When she was in school, we were told she was not allowed to wear her school uniform.

I went and asked her what her reason for being a “naughty girl” was, and her response was, “I can’t do that because my body is a mess and it’s covered in tattoos”.

I didn’t think that was so surprising, but it was.

Jessica is a very well-known tattoo artist in Sydney.

Her clientele includes famous artists like Beyoncé and Kanye West, who is also the president of the Australian tattoo industry.

But what we were really interested in was whether Jessica could make a tattoo for her friend that was different to her own.

I asked Jessica to draw her friend’s face on the front of her new tattoo, then draw her signature on the back.

After a few months of work, I had a beautiful new tattoo of Jessica on my friend’s right arm.

I also had a tattoo of her face on her right shoulder.

That tattoo was the first I had ever done on someone else.

She is a really nice person and she is a great friend, so it was a very simple tattoo.

She likes the idea of being tattooed and it gives her an extra dimension.

I’m glad I did it.

Jessica said she was very pleased with the results, because she felt like her friend was getting something special from her new body.

Jessica told ABC Radio Melbourne that she is still not sure how much money she paid for her tattoo, but she does believe she is getting a better quality tattoo.

I would say it’s around $600 for a standard tattoo, and it is probably not going to be anywhere near the $1,000 that it costs for a more custom tattoo, which can be done in a couple of hours.

So for a new client, I think it’s definitely worth it.