Texas schools have closed for the season due to an ongoing outbreak of the coronavirus.

Schools have reopened but many students and staff have not been able to return to classes.

But the closures are a major setback for Texas students and their families.

Here are some tips to help make sure your kids can get to school and avoid the crowds and disruptions.1.

Get your kids ready:The state has opened a Facebook page for students to find out when classes are resuming and get the latest updates on the outbreak.

The page is the first step to finding out when school is coming back.

If you’re a parent who’s not already a parent, check the Texas Department of Education website for more information on how to register and participate in school resuming.2.

Set up a time to talk to your kids:Parents have set up a page for parents to talk with their children in school about the outbreak and what they can do to help.

Parents can also email the Department of Health to request an appointment with a nurse or health care professional.3.

Plan ahead: Parents can sign up for a free online community plan that includes a mobile application, a schedule, and a daily reminder.

The online plan will be updated every day.4.

Make sure you’ve got the right gear:Some students may be worried about the virus spreading at home, so parents can check with their schools and the Texas Health Resources Center to make sure their students are prepared.

Some schools are providing hand sanitizer and other essentials to help students avoid exposure to the virus.5.

Be prepared:School closings are not the only issues that students are facing.

Many schools are also closing for the week and parents need to be ready to move.

Some students have canceled classes to try to get their kids back in school.

For additional help, visit the Texas Education Agency website.

For more information, visit https://www.state.tx.us/health/schools/home.htm