A teacher and the superintendent of Rutherford County Schools say they are considering allowing high schoolers to take pictures at their school while on their lunch break.

The school district’s Board of Education voted on Monday to allow students to take photos at their lunch breaks, the Rutherford County Times reports.

The board voted to approve the rule change after learning of a recent incident involving a teacher who took a photo with her daughter at a local high school.

“I want to take the picture of my daughter, so that we can give her some guidance as to what her intentions are,” superintendent John D. Frawley said.

“We just want to make sure that everybody has a good experience at school.”

The board has not yet announced how many students will be allowed to photograph at their schools, but Frawleys office estimates that the rule could be in place by the end of the month.

A spokesperson for the school district told the newspaper that they have been in discussions with the Rutherford Community Schools to see how they can comply with the new rule.

Frawley also said that if students are unable to take a photo, they can still leave a message on a bulletin board that will alert parents to the rule.