How to check out movie theaters in Atlanta and other major cities?

You can do it online or at local movie theaters.

And you’ll be surprised by the options you have!

This is the official guide to Atlanta movie theaters, from the best to the worst.

We’ve combed through more than 1,300 reviews and a few thousand reviews from our readers to help you find what’s on offer in Atlanta.

The Atlanta Movie Map This interactive map lets you know where you can find movies, live entertainment, events and more in Atlanta’s big city.

Use this map to check movie tickets, see upcoming shows, book parking and find the closest bars, restaurants and clubs.

Atlanta Movie Finder If you want to see a movie in Atlanta, you’ll need to book a movie ticket online.

Here’s how: Open a ticket for the movie you’re interested in.

Search for the film in our list of theaters.

If it’s a new release, it will tell you what theater will show the movie.

If the movie is not available, you can request a change to a previous showing online.

Select the theater in the search box and the map will show you the available seats.