The Wharton Institute has been awarded a $1 billion investment to expand its research, education, and training programs.

The investment will enable the Wharts College to create the first undergraduate degree in business administration and finance in the U.S., and is part of a broader $3.5 billion package of funding the Whartons announced Monday.

“It’s a great day for the Wharthouses,” said the school’s president and CEO David J. Thierer.

“Our new flagship campus, located in the heart of the heartland of America, will help us transform the way we learn, work, and serve our students, faculty and staff.”

The new campus, which opened in 2013, is located in a historic building that will house more than 3,600 students.

It will be home to the Wharter’s Wharton Center, a multi-use space designed to house a large number of students who share a common passion for business.

The new building, which has a total of 11,000 square feet, will have a combined floor area of 2,200 square feet and be designed to accommodate up to 4,000 students.

The building will also feature a library and a community center.

In addition to the expansion, the Wharters School will also be able to add another 50,000 sq. ft. to its existing space.

This new space will also house the new business incubator, which will provide opportunities for students to start new businesses and grow their businesses.

The Wharts School will be a private, for-profit institution, but it will also serve as an incubator for the next wave of Wharton students who will take their first steps on campus.

“Our students will have access to the same resources and support that our existing students have, as they explore their futures in the business world,” said Thieerer.

“This investment in Wharton will create the kind of environment that allows students to take the leap from their core research, development, and mentorship to careers in business and finance,” he added.

Students who have already enrolled in the new Wharton program will have the opportunity to apply to transfer to the new school and begin earning a degree.

The Wharts program is designed to prepare students for careers in finance and business.

Students will also have access and training at the Whater’s Wharter Center, which is designed for students who want to work in a fast-paced environment.

It includes a wide variety of classes, from business development to consulting, and will also offer a full-service kitchen and lounge.

The school is the first Wharton to have a large-scale facility designed to attract students who are ready to go into a corporate world.

The investment will allow the Wharted to offer a large variety of business classes, including those that focus on business management, financial and business analytics, and marketing and communications.

The first Wharter students who graduate from the Wharty will also become members of the Whos of America.

The program is aimed at bringing together the best of Wharts’ alumni and partners, including alumni from Fortune 500 companies, to launch new businesses.

Students enrolled in Wharts will have two choices to choose from: The Wharters Wharton MBA, which offers a bachelor’s degree in finance, or the Whairs Wharton Management MBA, a master’s degree that is the equivalent of a doctorate in business management.

The MBA is designed specifically for those interested in business, finance, and management.

The degree will cover both the business and management courses at the same time.

“The Wharton Master’s Program is the most advanced MBA in the world,” added Thierers.

“We have the most students in the entire world.

It’s a tremendous opportunity for our students.”

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