A few months ago, the ACT Government announced a $60 million scheme to help schools find places for their students after the closure of some schools.

A few weeks ago, it announced a further $50 million for new schools.

But there is a problem.

The Government has not released any details about when it plans to complete the rollout of the scheme.

The only thing that is known is that it is to be rolled out over the next four years.

The school closures are the most recent in a string of closures that have caused widespread social disruption and caused the closure, suspension or suspension of thousands of students.

The Department of Education and Training has said the scheme will support up to 50,000 new places for students by 2020.

But it is not clear when it will be rolled-out to schools.

Students are left feeling they are on their ownA group of students, including a couple who had already left school, say they are now unable to get to classes, as the closure has been so severe.

“It’s like the worst thing that could happen.

They’re shutting down our school,” one of the students said.”

My friend and I are both in year 11.

I think it’s like a second grade school.”

We’ve got to go and get a new school, and then we’ll have to get back to our regular school and that’s it.

“The Government says it has not yet completed a feasibility study of the plan and is working on a review of the policy.

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