Harvard law school professor Stephen Ansolabehere says his school is no longer going to “let a couple hundred students from around the world walk through the doors” if they are not prepared to be “vulnerable” and “foolhardy.”

In an op-ed for The American Prospect titled “Fake news is dangerous,” Ansolaepehere writes that, if he were to make a decision to hire foreign students, “the vast majority of them would not be able to speak English fluently and would not have a degree in the subject.

If they were to be placed in an office with an American, they would not understand that American laws, regulations, and institutions do not apply to them.”

He adds, “We will not tolerate this.”

“We must make sure that all of our students have the necessary background and skills to be successful in a global environment,” AnsOLaepeheres op-ED concludes.

“I’m afraid that in many cases, the best way to do that is to hire the foreign students who are already here.

We cannot afford to be vulnerable.”

The Harvard Law School professor says that in the coming years, “we are going to have to face the question of whether we are going for the good of the country or the good, and the truth is, the latter is what is best for the country.”

According to Ansolabes op-Ed, many students “do not speak English well, do not have the requisite training to be effective in the job market, and do not speak up when they are threatened.”

“I am sure that we can get by with a few dozen foreign students,” he adds.

“But we cannot afford a situation where we are not able to vet the students who come to the school.”

In addition to the op-eds, Ansolabi also shared his thoughts on how to stop “fake news” on Twitter.

“The truth is that fake news is bad,” he said in a tweet.

“If we want the American people to trust our institutions, we need to be ready to protect their credibility.

We need to work hard to prevent this kind of content from appearing on social media and other platforms.”

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