With football season about to kick off, the BBC is running a series of new stories about the history of the sport.

The story we’re sharing today comes from a man who is already famous.

Former Leeds United coach Steve McClaren is an international legend and a legend of his own.

And as the new season gets underway in the Premier League, he’s set to take on a new role: he’s coming out on top of the rivalry between Newcastle and West Brom.

McClaren’s career has taken him from the Midlands to Spain, England, Italy, and now to Italy.

He was once called the ‘first international footballer’ in the world and was named the ‘greatest football manager’ in history by The New York Times.

In his new role, McClaren will be looking to prove his worth to fans, as he aims to make a big impact in the league.

In this week’s podcast, we’re going to take a look at how McClaren, who retired after this season, got to where he is today.

Listen to the full interview to hear why Steve McClashan was a legend.

First things first, let’s talk about what McClaren has done for Leeds United.

When he was at the helm, the club was already in trouble.

The club was under the stewardship of former Leeds manager Peter Taylor, who had taken the club to their lowest points in the club’s history, winning just one of their first 11 league games.

Taylor had managed the team before, but had a reputation for taking the club on a bad streak.

In 2013, McClan was sacked after just six games.

He had only won eight points in his first nine games as a manager, with the team losing nine times.

It was the worst start to a season Leeds had ever had and McClaren struggled to get them back on track.

After the season, the board appointed former Arsenal and Manchester United boss Sam Allardyce to replace Taylor, but things did not improve.

Leeds had a very difficult first half of the season.

The season saw them win just one game, and they had to play two games without scoring.

The second half was a disaster, as they lost all three of their home games.

This year, it seems as though McClaren wants to fix things and make things better.

He’s taken a few things from Taylor and is putting them to good use.

The players are better, the coaching is better, and the manager is a better leader.

He also has the backing of some of the players and the fans, but there’s still a long way to go.

McClan’s plan has been to bring in players from the English Championship, and he’s brought in a number of English players from Leeds United’s academy.

He brought in two English-born players, Adam Bogdan and Danny Drinkwater, who played under McClaren at Leeds United before joining West Bromwich Albion.

It seems that the players are excited about playing under McClan, but the fans aren’t.

Fans in the UK are understandably unhappy with McClaren and his lack of results this season.

Fans are unhappy that McClaren doesn’t have a strong squad and a good team around him.

There are rumours that McClare’s contract expires in 2019 and fans want him out.

And fans want the board to give McClaren a second chance.

McClare has been criticised for the quality of the first team this season and the club is currently struggling.

However, he was criticised for bringing in a bunch of English and European players for the first time.

This is a very ambitious plan.

The first thing that McClan needs to do is make a better first team.

He should bring in a lot of English- and European-born people, and bring in some new players who are capable of playing a role in the first XI.

He could look to bring on some young English players like Luke Shaw and Sam Vokes, and keep a lot more quality players on the bench.

He needs to build his squad around some new faces, like the likes of Danny Drinkwaters, Adam Borrelli, and Jack Grealish.

But there’s a lot left to do, as McClaren needs to bring players in that can be relied upon to make the team better.

McClancans first challenge as manager will be to turn the club around and get them playing in the Championship.

He’ll also need to get his first squad in shape.

After spending some money, McClancas new signings are not expected to play very many games.

In fact, McClandan will be relying on the young players to step up and take the big decisions.

It’s been a difficult start for the new manager and he’ll have to do everything he can to turn things around.

If McClaren can get Leeds back on their feet, he could be a good fit for the future of Leeds United, and hopefully he can bring them back to the Premier