Greenville, S.C. — As the school year draws to a close, the superintendent of a South Carolina school district says “this isn�t just about what we can do, but what we should do.”

In a message to the district on Thursday, John Frawley, a four-year superintendent at Greenville Consolidated School District (GCSD), said his agency is looking for “a positive outcome for all students, parents and staff.”

Frawley’s comments came a day after the school board met and voted unanimously to hire a new superintendent, who will be tasked with a number of issues that include ensuring a quality education for students and staff.

Frayley made the comments at a news conference, during which he said his school system was “at a crossroads” and would need to be “pushed to the limit.”

While some in the community and in the state of South Carolina have suggested that Frawleys new position will put an end to years of school closures, the district has insisted that he will not have that effect.

In addition to the hiring of a new principal, the school district will also look to hire additional educators to help with a variety of administrative and administrative support roles.

Frawleys office will be a mix of local, state, and federal employees, including more than 500 school administrators and staff members, the New York Times reported.

He is the first African American to hold the position, and is also the first in his department to hold a master’s degree in education.

While he said that he and his team will be focused on the district�s students, Frawlers message was clear about the need to “push” the school system to be better off and a “sustained improvement” over the next several years.

“It�s clear that we need to continue to work toward a positive outcome on this issue and that includes making sure that we are making sure the resources are there to make sure that the district is well placed to meet our needs and to continue our commitment to our students and the children of this district,” Frawles office said in a statement.

The district said in its statement that it would be “a priority to support the continued efforts of the Superintendent to meet the needs of the students of the GCSD community.”

Despite the superintendent�s strong commitment to student safety and wellbeing, Fuyley also said that the school was in a “critical situation” and was in need of immediate support.

He said he would ask the community to “stay engaged with our school system, our schools and with our schools as we move forward in our next phase of the process of finding a new Superintendent.”

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