Posted November 14, 2019 16:13:16When you have a lot of people coming to your school, you might want to think twice about where your classroom desk is located.

In fact, there are many schools that use desks at their desks to make sure they can get students to class without the need to leave their desks and chairs.

The Australian Education Union (AEU) has released its latest school desk survey which shows that desks can actually help improve learning outcomes.

It found that if a student had to leave the classroom at least five minutes before class starts, they were far more likely to get through the lesson.

“School desks can help improve student learning and make learning more effective,” said AEU executive director Tim Smith.

“They make the classroom more welcoming to students, students more comfortable and a better learning environment.”

The AEU says desks are the most common form of school seating in schools, with one in five schools using them.

There are different types of desks, including desk rails and floor mats.

Some desks can also be fitted with cameras and microphones.

And even if students don’t sit in the same row, there can still be a desk for a child to sit on.

Here are some of the other key findings from the survey:The majority of students have desks that are easy to access.

“If you’re a student in a classroom that has lots of people that are coming in from different locations, you may need to use the desk a lot.”

It can be difficult for students to get a spot for their desk.

“In these situations, they can go around to the other desks and use the other desk for seating and it can be easier for them to get there.”

Students may also have trouble finding a seat if there are more than one student in the classroom.

“We know from the research that a lot more students in a school are having trouble finding seats, and that can have a really bad effect on learning.”

For example, if you have more than two students in the class, there’s less room for people to sit in one place and people will get really nervous.

“When you’ve got lots of students, it can cause confusion for students.”

So you may see a lot fewer students actually finding seats and that creates a lot less opportunity for them.

“While the AEU acknowledges the need for schools to have desks, it argues they can also help improve the environment.”

I think that desks are really important for ensuring that people can get into the classroom as quickly as possible,” Mr Smith said.”

The more desks that you have in the school, the more people can access that space.


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