tulsas public schools is a private charter school, with the highest level of charter success in the country.

It offers a variety of educational opportunities, including online classes, virtual classrooms, tutoring and advanced courses.

In 2015, Tulsa Public School reported enrollment of nearly 1,400 students, including more than 800 students enrolled in the online program.

The district’s enrollment growth has been fueled by a combination of a combination in financial aid and high-quality instruction.

In addition to the online programs, Tulsa public schools offers a wide variety of special programs including tutoring, music, art, math and physical education, according to the district’s website.

The city also has a number of private charters that are owned by the school district.

Private charters are typically operated by corporations, which have the ability to set their own fees, curricula and student sizes.

Tulsa public school has a strong reputation for high-performing charter schools and is currently rated as the #1 school district by U.S. News & World Report.