Milwaukee Public schools will offer discounts to low-income students at participating schools, according to a letter from Superintendent Scott W. Thompson.

The move comes as the district struggles to meet a $1.3 billion budget shortfall and the state faces a looming deadline to cut $800 million in funding.

Milwaukee Public is facing a $4 billion shortfall and a $100 million shortfall in state funding, according a March 13 budget that was released by the Milwaukee School Board.

Watson has said the district needs more money for education, and the plan calls for $15 per student per year for special education, $15 for a second-grade student and $10 for an elementary student.

It also calls for an increase in the number of special education and kindergarten teachers and the introduction of an online learning resource.

Wisconsin Gov.

Scott Walker announced last week that he will ask Congress for an additional $2 billion to help the state meet its budget needs, including a $2.6 billion funding boost for public schools.

The governor said it would take a year to close the gap, but that he would be willing to provide more money if Wisconsin lawmakers are willing to increase taxes.

In a statement on Monday, WKOW radio said it reached out to WCCO-FM, WITI-FM and the Milwaukee Public School System to offer the discounts.

The stations also have partnerships with the district and other agencies that serve low- and moderate-income communities, WCCOP radio said.

In an earlier statement, WKYT-FM said it had contacted Milwaukee Public about the proposal and was waiting to hear back.