A Dallas school system has released a $3,200 price tag for a home that’s a year old and will cost taxpayers $1,000 more.

The school district in northwest Dallas is replacing a two-bedroom, three-bathroom home with a two bedrooms, four baths home that will cost $1.2 million to build, and a three-bedroom home that is $1 million to complete.

The new home will be used by students in kindergarten through third grade, the school district announced Tuesday.

It’s in the northwest part of the district that includes North Richland Hills and North Dallas.

The old home was home to a school.

The Dallas district is the only district in the nation that has two new schools, with the remaining two being opened in 2018 and 2019.

The cost of the new home is $2,500 less than the previous home, and the cost of completing the new house is $3.5 million less than a two bedroom, three bath home, according to the Dallas Public Schools.

The original home was a two bed, three bathroom home, located on a four acre lot, but the school board voted in February to move it to a three bedroom, four bath home.

The $3 million new home was built in 2018.

The $1m old home will need to be replaced by 2020.

The district said the new homes will be fully furnished with a new bed, a new shower, new kitchen, new bathrooms, a pool, new laundry, new air conditioning and a new stove.

The current home will have about 5,000 square feet, and it will have two bedrooms and four baths.