Barber School is a virtual school for kids in Browards Broward and Miami counties.

The virtual school has the same school curriculum and curriculum content as traditional public schools.

It’s open to kids age 7-17, but the kids who come in for the first time can go anywhere they want, including an adult-only class, as well as a private classroom.

The school is open to students who live in Browardiards Browards and Miami Counties.

It opened to the public in November, but has not opened to other counties yet.

It was created by the Barber Foundation and funded through grants and private donations.

Barber School uses technology to help students learn by giving them a virtual classroom and video lectures, like one with children who are struggling with autism.

They can go online, or they can go into the virtual classroom, which is like a computer lab, and work on different activities like math, reading, and spelling.

Students can choose from more than 60 different subject areas.

They also can practice their skills at home, through video lessons.

Barber students also can access a full range of academic resources, including books, music, and video games.

The new Barber School, located at the Broward Community Center in Palm Beach Gardens, is one of many such schools, which are popping up all over the country, including in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Austin, Texas.

The Broward School is not alone.

There are more than a dozen others like it all over Florida.

The Barber Foundation says there are currently 15 virtual schools nationwide.

A study by the National Center for Education Statistics in 2017 found that students at public schools, including schools with high numbers of virtual students, score better academically than their non-virtual peers.

Students at Barber schools have also seen positive changes.

The Schools Project, an educational organization focused on the role virtual education can play in educating students, found that virtual learning has a positive effect on students’ academic performance.

“Teaching is not just about what you teach in class.

It is about how you teach,” the organization wrote in a report.

“In our virtual school environment, students learn with a shared sense of humor, a common language, and an appreciation for the challenges of learning.

This unique learning environment encourages students to connect with other students in the same environment and to learn by experiencing a different, more interactive way.”

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