The way Southwestern Public Schools teaches students the importance of teamwork and communication is so important.

But for many of its students, that’s only possible through a standardized test.

This year, students in Southwestern were assigned to two different teams that could only communicate through video games.

The teams were the “Southwestern Band,” which played on a stage with a microphone, and the “School Band,” played on an acoustic guitar.

For the school’s first-grade students, this meant they had to learn how to communicate by playing the video game.

“It was really important for us to learn teamwork because we were playing games and talking to each other, and it’s a good way to learn,” said sophomore Ryan Mardis, who is a member of the School Band.

I didn’t have the same type of experience as I had in elementary school, so it was really challenging to learn.

The School Band was just playing songs on the guitar, and we had to communicate through it.

It was really helpful to have people around us to listen to what we were saying.

While the school band was playing, a group of students from the middle school took turns performing a series of songs.

During the song, the students could communicate in a more straightforward manner through text messages, videos, and hand gestures.

But during the song’s conclusion, the Band performed a song about teamwork.

At first, the school was hesitant to play a video game that didn’t necessarily involve a video.

But after some encouragement from a fellow student, the Southwestern Band decided to do so.

After hearing the Southview band’s story, Mardens’ parents started looking into alternative video game options.

Mardis said the band’s first experience playing a video-game version of their school song was positive.

In fact, Mardson was the only one of his peers to go on to play the video-gamable version of his school’s song, and he said he was glad he did.

Because the band members didn’t know how to talk to eachother, the video games required students to use hand gestures and hand-eye coordination.

“[I felt] that I had to do that to be good in the video, but I felt like the video was too long and there was no communication,” Mardos said.

But the most important aspect of the Southward Band’s experience was learning how to listen.

“It’s really about how we listen to each others’ emotions and what we’re feeling and what’s going on in the world around us,” said student Naveen.

It’s also about listening to the students and listening to their feelings.

“It’s about listening and listening and having that conversation,” said Mardas.

Ultimately, the School of Music was the best way for Mardes to have that conversation.

“I think we’re all kind of like, ‘Wow, this school is really awesome,'” said Mardo, who will graduate this fall with a degree in music composition.

Even though the video is the only video available, Mardo said he has been able to listen and learn through the music and video game version of the song.

This year, the band will be playing in front of students, families, and staff at a public high school in southcentral Los Angeles.

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