GREENVILLE, S.C. – Greenville-Spartanburg Public Schools has been in turmoil as teachers and administrators are refusing to teach their students in school or in other classrooms as of this week.

The teachers’ strike began Sunday and has spread to other school districts.

They say they are being asked to teach in classrooms in the middle of the day, and in classrooms that are not being used for classes.

Greenville County Superintendent of Public Instruction Scott Henson said his district is facing “very, very challenging times.”

The union is calling for a “full and complete review of the entire district,” including school closures.

The union has asked for a pay increase and a two-year contract extension.

Henson says he’s not ruling out the possibility of negotiating a longer contract.

Henson says the district has not been in any financial difficulties for quite some time.

He says he expects to make some adjustments in the next couple of weeks, including increasing teachers’ salaries.

Greenland County Schools, which has about 20,000 students in grades K-3, said on Tuesday that it would be open for classes starting Tuesday.