The AMA is on for Reddit medical school students this morning, asking them to help raise awareness of the epidemic.

The AMA will kick off at 7:30am ET, and will be live streamed on Reddit, as well as Reddit itself.

If you’re looking to raise awareness, AMA-ers can tweet at them directly.

The students will also be participating in AMA events across the US, as they continue to raise funds and awareness.

The AMA will feature interviews with top doctors from around the world, including Dr. Peter H. Hooper, the AMA’s former CEO.

If you want to join the AMA, you’ll need to create an account with Reddit, but you can sign up as a student to get started.

The school’s website lists an invite code for students to sign up for AMA sessions.

To sign up, Reddit students can simply type in the name of the AMA session, or just the school.

And remember, the school is accepting students until the end of the semester.