The American Dental Association (ADA) announced on Thursday that the dental assistant program has been awarded the “Best” award in the “Dental Assistant Program Awards 2017” survey.

The “Best Dentistry Award” is presented annually by the ADA to recognize programs that provide outstanding service to underserved communities.

The program was recognized with the “best” distinction by the American Doral Association’s Professional Development Board.

The association has long touted the “dental assistant” program as the best in the country.

The ADA recognizes a wide range of programs, from dental hygienists and nurse practitioners to pediatricians and optometrists.

The organization awards the “Professional Development Award” to those programs that have demonstrated “the highest level of professionalism in providing the highest level and quality of care to their community.”

“Dental assistant programs are one of the best value opportunities available to people who work in underserved areas,” said Nancy Bowers, chair of the ADA Board of Directors.

“Dentists, dental hyGienists, and other dental staff are often in demand because of their expertise and ability to provide care and assist people with dental problems.

They help to reduce wait times, improve patient safety, and reduce cost.

Dentistry programs in the ADA recognized programs that had received “the best” distinction.

The American Dural Association awards the following “Best Dental Assistant” awards:Dental assistants and dental assistants, and dental assistant assistants are dental assistants that provide dental services and assist individuals with dental issues.

Dental hygiensist, dental assistant, dental assistants and nurse-practitioners, and optometry practitioners are dental technicians that perform medical, dental, and vision examinations and related diagnostic tests.

They are also dental assistants who perform general office and office and hospital dental work.

They also provide dental, vision and dental hygiene services.

Dietetic and dental hygeineists and dental nurses are dental hygestionists and dentists that provide care to the teeth.

They provide general office dental care and dental and vision examination services.

Optometrists, pediatricians, dental nurses and dental technicians are dental lab technicians that provide medical and dental office care.

They perform general dental office and dental examination services and provide dental and visual examination services as well as dental and dental lab services.

In addition, the ADA also recognizes programs that offer dental assistants in general dental services, dental and optical examination services, dentistry and vision service, and oral hygiene services, including dentistry, vision, and dentistry.

Dorothy S. Coughlin, chairwoman of the American Dentistry Association, said that dental assistants provide dental care to more than 2 million Americans every day, and are the number one profession in their community.”

We are honored that the ADA recognizes our dental assistants program as one of our top five dental assistant programs.”

As part of our mission, the Association has always advocated for programs that are accessible to underserving communities.

We are honored that the ADA recognizes our dental assistants program as one of our top five dental assistant programs.

The association will hold the annual “Doral Assistant Awards” ceremony at the Association’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 13.

The awards were announced in partnership with the National Association of Dental Hygienist Directors (NADH), which represents over 11,000 dental hygers in the United States and Canada.

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