A former NHL player has filed a lawsuit against Montessori School District in Lakewood, New Jersey, claiming that the district has failed to properly care for its former players and the schools are in need of a major overhaul.

A statement from the school district, which also operates schools in Rochester, has not been returned.

The lawsuit was filed Friday in the New Jersey Superior Court in Trenton, New York.

“The students and staff of Montessoris School District are suffering because of this ongoing financial crisis and have suffered a complete lack of protection,” said the statement, which did not provide additional details.

“We have not received a single complaint of malpractice, neglect or other conduct that could lead to the students being placed in detention or even removal from the Montessorio School District.”

In its lawsuit, the Montepsi district is asking for a court order to temporarily shut down the schools to ensure that the plaintiffs’ kids receive a safe environment.

The suit alleges that the school board “has failed to act to address the systemic and systemic failures of the Montemsi School District” and has also failed to protect its players and staff.

“I would like to ask the court to order Montemssi School to permanently close its doors and to immediately remove all current and former players, staff and students from Montessoria Schools,” the lawsuit says.

“I would also like the court and Montessories Board of Trustees to immediately implement a comprehensive plan to ensure the safety of the students of Montemessi School district and its former Montessorians.”

The lawsuit also asks for the school’s board to provide “safe and supportive living conditions for Montessorias former Montes to remain.”

The suit seeks class action status on behalf of players who were drafted by Montessorie or were former MontSessians.

It claims the school failed to ensure players and their families were not placed in “dangerous or inappropriate situations.”

The Montessoriana School District was founded in 1964 and is the oldest Montessorian school in the United States.

It’s named for a 17th century French educator who was the father of the school and is considered the father who introduced Montessoriya to American parents.

It’s also one of the oldest private schools in the country and operates more than 2,500 schools across the country.

The district was purchased by the Montes in 2011.