PTA president Mike Smith apologized Friday for comments he made to a student at a Pittsburgh high school and said the video was edited to show a student shouting racist comments.

The video was released Wednesday.

Smith told The Associated Press the video had been edited to make it appear as if the student was yelling racist slurs, and he said the district took immediate action to fire him after the student’s parents saw it.

The video shows Smith saying the student should not have been allowed to attend a Pittsburgh Public Schools’ secondary school and that the student had done something wrong by participating in an open gymnasium.

It shows the student saying he was not allowed to join in the gym because he is white and the student said he was sorry.

A PTA board member said Smith should have said he is not the president of the PTA and that it was not his place to judge the student.

In the video, Smith can be heard telling the student he is fired if he does not “get it.”

The student responds, “I’ll be a white kid for sure, man.”

The PTA released a statement saying Smith was fired from his position as a coach at Skyline High School.

It said he had been the only coach at the school in his class.

“We have no further comment,” the statement said.

Several high school students have been involved in the controversy, including students from Skyline, who say Smith was the only person in the school.

Smith has been a member of the board since 2014.