A schoolgirl from a small rural NSW town is concerned after her teacher called her a paedophile.

Key points:An 11-year old pupil was allegedly bullied and harassed by a teacher in Knox County Schools”She said she felt like she was being told to do something, it felt like I was being asked to do it and she said she didn’t want to do anything, she said”Knox County School has been placed on lockdown following a complaint from the girl’s mother.

The girl’s father contacted the school last week, and after an investigation by school and police, they have identified a teacher and are in the process of removing him from the school.

The teacher is currently on leave and the school is currently undergoing a disciplinary process.

“It’s really been a horrible experience, my daughter and her father are both traumatised, and it’s really hard on them, and I just want this to end,” Ms Taylor said.

The school has been put on lockdown since Sunday and will be closed on Monday, after school and community safety staff conducted a “detailed investigation”.

“The school is safe, we have a staff member who has been working at the school and we have got the school’s social services and the principal on standby.”

We have been monitoring the school for the last week or so, so I just hope that they are taking appropriate action,” she said.”

There is nothing we can do about what happened, they’ve been warned.

“School has been taken off lockdown and the community has been notified.

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