Posted November 16, 2018 08:25:33The phrase ‘Nurse School’ was coined in India to describe the nursing school where a child is taught to be a nurse, a profession which requires extensive training and education.

However, this is a myth.

The term is actually a reference to the English phrase ‘school for the nursing-home’.

In the early 1900s, a school was built on the site of the old Indian Medical College (IMC).

The building itself was a school for the care of sick people, and was also used to house convalescent patients.

Today, the nursing centre is a part of a nursing home.

According to the Indian Medical Association of India, the ‘School for the Nursing-Home’ was started in 1901 as a school where nurses and medical students could practise their profession.

A year later, the IMC was transferred to a hospital in the city of Gurgaon.

By 1906, the school was being run by the Indian government and the students had begun their training.

As the Indian Government realised the value of their students, they were granted citizenship and registered as medical students.

Within a few years, the nurses had a school and students began to come in and teach.

In 1929, the name ‘Nursel School’ began to be used in the country.

Nowadays, there are about a dozen nursing schools in India.

Many students go on to earn a degree from such schools, which have become quite popular.

Students who graduate from the nursing schools, for example, become nurses and doctors, while others go on into the health care industry.

They also become the doctors and nurses of tomorrow.

It is not unusual for students to work in the hospitals and doctors.

The average annual salary in India is about Rs1.7 lakh (US$18,000).

As for the schools that exist, they are largely run by private entities and have a limited number of students, although there are still a few.

Some schools even offer tuition fees to students, but these fees are usually very low.

There are many other examples of schools that have been used as a marketing tool for Indian companies.

Nursery school was also popular in India, as a result of a series of marketing campaigns from companies like Ford, Nissan and the Coca-Cola Company.

When Indian schools were being constructed in the early 20th century, there was a sense of pride among students about their profession, which had been around for centuries.

While there is a growing recognition of the role of education in promoting economic growth and employment opportunities, it has become a problem for some that many students are not fully trained.

Currently, the Indian Health Service (IHS) has plans to expand its teaching staff to include at least 50 per cent of nursing students by 2021.

For now, many of the students are working as nurses and they are not eligible to get a degree.

But the trend is going in the right direction, according to the IMG, and the IHS has set aside some funds to provide additional training to students.

The Indian government also plans to offer courses in English and math to students at some of its schools, according the IHP.

Indian schools and nursing centres are also used for other purposes, such as marketing the country’s national airline, which is owned by a private company.

On a recent trip to the country, the chief executive officer of the airline told reporters that the IH would soon launch its first airline.

One of the main reasons for the increase in demand for nursing in India has been the increase of the number of children with disabilities in the Indian society.

Rabbits and cows have also been banned in schools, while some doctors have also come out against the practice.

Most of the schools are run by non-governmental organisations (NGOs), but some are funded by the government.

“This is a major reason why there is an increase in the number and quality of nursing school students,” said Dr Nilesh Chaudhary, an assistant professor at the School of Nursing at the University of Toronto.

This is not the first time India has used the term ‘Nurses School’.

Back in 2002, the United States government made headlines when it launched a campaign called ‘No Nurses School’.