Carmel High School is getting the high school treatment in Doctor Who: The First Doctor, the first season of the new series that debuts Sunday, October 20 on PBS.

The episode will also be available on Hulu.

The series will follow the adventures of Doctor Who’s Eleventh Doctor as he journeys across time and space in search of a new companion.

Check out the trailer above.

Carmel is one of the oldest high schools in New York City and a former college football team.

Here’s what fans can expect: The first season will explore the events leading up to the Doctor’s birth and the Doctor, Clara and Rory’s friendship.

Here is what fans have to look forward to: The Doctor’s return to Earth, in which the Doctor encounters a deadly new threat in his own timeline, and the return of his companions Clara and Amy.

Clara’s past is explored and she will join the Doctors quest to defeat the Daleks.

In “The Doctor’s Wife,” the Doctor and Amy reunite in the year 2019, but Clara has to be removed from her duties as the new teacher.

In this episode, the Doctor tells Amy about his new relationship and the challenges that come with teaching at Carmel.

This episode will tell Clara’s story in the context of the Doctor Who TV series, but also will be used to expand on the Doctor himself.

“The War Games” takes place in a future where the Doctor has to use his new powers to prevent the destruction of Earth.

He learns that he and Clara are the first people to have lived through the “Great Cataclysm” and the events that resulted.

The Doctor has a meeting with a mysterious stranger who tells him about the mysterious planet, and that the planet is under attack.

This is the first episode of the series that will tell the Doctor that he is part of a conspiracy.

Here, the show will tell a new story about the Doctor being trapped in a time loop and the time he is trapped on the planet.

Here are some other plot points from the episode: In “Rough Stone Rolling,” the Eleventh and the Eighth Doctors are reunited at the end of the first series and are ready to fight again.

But the Time Lord, the Time Lords greatest adversary, has a plan that will take both the Doctor as a companion and the TARDIS out of time and time again.

Here we get a look at Clara and the Time Lady, the Tardis, and a possible future of the T-Mobile franchise.

The new companion will be played by Jenna Coleman, who starred as the Torden in the original series.

Here she is in “Rattle and Hum” from season one.

This new companion is played by Rachel McAdams, who will also star in the upcoming second series.

In season two, Clara will be reunited with Rory in the Troughton House.

In the Tregtham House, the Daleys face off against a terrifying new enemy.

In a parallel universe, a human named Rachael (played by Jessica St. John) has been sent to the Trench to protect her father.

The Trench is an island that is under threat from a mysterious force.

Here the Eleventy Doctors are joined by their new companions, the Tenth Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, and Sam Jones.

Here will be the return to the classic Doctor Who sound effects, as well as some brand new sonic effects from the show’s producers.

The first two episodes of the season will air in 2019, with the season finale airing in 2020.

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