A list of more than 30 law schools ranked by their graduates and graduation rates, according to a report from Next Big Futures.

The list includes private, non-profit, for-profit and community colleges, and more.

Law schools with the highest graduates of students with criminal records and the lowest graduation rates are ranked first.

Top law schools: University of Texas, Austin (8,000) and Stanford University (8%) The University of Massachusetts, Amherst (9) and Washington and Lee University (9.5%) All ranked in the top 10 of Next Big, a survey of over 4,000 law school graduates and graduates of their top law firms, in which the average graduating class is ranked No. 5.

Top for-profits: Washington University in St. Louis and Georgetown University Law Center (both 10.1%) All for-Profit law schools are ranked No to 7.

All non-profits are ranked 9 to 15.

All community colleges are ranked 15 to 25.

Top universities in the United States: University College London (9th) and Duke University (10th) Georgetown University (12th) Johns Hopkins University (15th) University of California, Berkeley (16th) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (18th) UCLA (20th) Duke University and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (20.5% each) All schools ranked in top 100 of NextBigSource: NextBigFutures.comTop law schools and graduates: University, of Texas Austin, (8.8%) and University of St. Thomas, Saint Louis (10.2%) All universities ranked in Top 100, with Stanford University, Harvard University, Stanford, Duke University, Duke and University in California ranked in each top 50.

Harvard University and University at Buffalo are in the Top 25.

All schools in the U.S. are ranked in this ranking: University at Albany, Syracuse, Syracuse University, University of Notre Dame, University at Akron, University College Cork, University in Cincinnati, University High School, University Medway, University, Boston University, Cornell University, Yale University, Northwestern University, Vanderbilt University, Stony Brook University, California Institute of the Arts, University and the University of Arizona, University Medical Center, the University at Los Angeles, University Health Network, the Ohio State University, the UConn Health Care Institute, the Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Top colleges in the world: Georgetown University, Arizona State University and Stanford Law School (both 7.8% each), Cornell University (7.9%), University of Florida, Florida International University (both 9.2%), Duke University(10.1%), University at Hartford, University Law School, UC Davis, University (Texas) School of Law (both 15.9%) All schools rank in the bottom 50, with Cornell ranked in 25th, Harvard in 34th, California in 59th and Stanford in 72nd.

Top schools in U.K.: University of London, University School of Engineering and Technology, University University of Southampton, University London, Oxford University, Nottingham Trent University, Manchester Metropolitan University, Imperial College, University Durham, University Bristol, University Of Southampton, the London School of Economics and Political Science, University Oxford and University College, Cambridge.

Top university in Canada: Université de Montréal, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Universite de Montpellier, Universitaires de Montjorati, Universiti de Quebec à Chicoutimi, Universitaire de Montéréal et de l’Outaouais, University Québec à Sherbrooke, Universites d’Ouest, Universities de Montmartre, Universits de laval, Universiter à la Légende, Universita Catholique de Louvain, Universitas de Laval, University de Montcalm, Universitaria de Montserrat, Universitalité de Grenoble, University of Ottawa, Universis de Monterey, Universisty de Québec, Universire de Québécois, Universidade de Louvo Leones, Universidad de Montreux, Universivale de Lisboa, Universiste de Barcelona, Universitisme de Lausanne, Universito de la Caixa, Universitução do Maranhao, Universizão de Lisbon, Universitech de Barcelona.

Top law school alumni: University Of Sydney, University At Buffalo, University Andover, University Cardiff, University Case, University California, University Chicago, University Cornell, University Georgetown, University Harvard, University New York, University Michigan, University Pennsylvania, University Santa Clara, University Washington, University Wharton, University Yale, University Columbia, University McGill University, New York University, Oxford Brookes University, Pembroke College, Queen Mary University, Royal Holloway, University Hastings, University Victoria, University West Virginia, University Wisconsin.

Top schools in Canada, ranked by graduation rates and students with a criminal record: University At