Posted February 08, 2019 06:30:59When the time came to go to the barber school to prepare for my driving license exam, I didn’t have the energy to get ready for the day, so I decided to find a good spot and get a new haircut.

I picked a small corner shop that is close to my favorite barbershop, and as I was getting ready to leave, I decided that I wanted to make sure I got my haircut without looking like a hick.

My goal was to look like a good guy and not be a hooligan, so after putting the first coat of hairs on my head, I put my hair in the back of my truck and got in the car.

I wanted the most natural look possible, so to do that, I started the car in reverse and made sure that my truck was turned off.

As I was driving home, I noticed the driver in the rearview mirror, so as I pulled into the parking lot, I took a picture of him with his back to me.

After getting the photo taken, I was like, “Hey, I guess I look pretty cool in this picture.”

I was able to pull the car into the lot without anyone being able to see my face, but I was still nervous, so my mom told me to relax and take it easy.

After that, my mom gave me a ride home to my house in South Florida, where my mother works.

That day, I learned that the way to get your driver’s license is to drive safely, even when you’re not driving.