By Alex WiegandThe Oregonian/OregonLiveThe school district where many of the children in a high school are infected with measles is not doing enough to help those students get vaccinated, and the district’s superintendent says he is considering an investigation.

Oregon’s public school districts are supposed to have an immunization policy for each child in kindergarten through 12th grade.

That policy requires all students to be vaccinated against the disease, and schools must meet the CDC’s recommended rates of attendance.

But the district has not done that.

It’s unclear what the problem is with the district.

The district said in a statement Friday that it is “reviewing our immunization plan and taking additional steps to ensure that our school system continues to meet our goal of ensuring every child in our district has the health care coverage they need to reach their full potential.”

The district said it is working to improve immunization rates in each of its schools, and that it will share its recommendations for the next year.

In addition to the vaccine, the district said, students in kindergarten and first grade need to be tested for whooping cough and tetanus and should be inoculated with the MMR vaccine for three months.