A high school student who masturbated in a classroom is not the only high schooler to get caught on camera doing so.

Last week, a video was posted to YouTube showing a female student masturbating in the classroom of a high schools flight school.

A caption reads:The video is from California Schools Flight School, a school where students can spend their free time and attend classes in an intimate setting.

But when the video was uploaded to YouTube in February, the teacher of the flight school was immediately fired.

A Californs flight school principal said that a “mistake” by the student has been made and that she is “completely shocked” by what she saw.

The flight school also said that the teacher’s comments were inappropriate.

The school district told KNBC that the principal was suspended without pay pending the outcome of the disciplinary process.

The student is a 17-year-old high school freshman.

She was not charged with a crime, nor is she facing any discipline, officials said.