A teacher has told the ABC that she is “pushed” to the point of “mental breakdown” after being told her daughter’s classroom will be moved to a new desk.

Key points:The mother says her daughter is now “in a very stressful environment” and that she can’t “walk out” of the classroom without feeling “sad”The teacher says she is frustrated that she cannot go back to her home school and is “just as anxious” about moving to another schoolThe woman’s complaint was lodged by the school and her daughter, who is aged 11, told the broadcaster she was told she could move to a different classroom.

“My daughter is going to school in a classroom now, she’s now in a very, very stressful situation,” the teacher, who did not want to be named, said.

“She’s a very bright girl, she doesn’t look like a child, she looks like a grown-up, and we’re going to move her to a classroom that doesn’t have a problem with her.”

The teacher said she was “pushing” to move the classroom because her daughter was not attending school at home and had “no friends there”.

“I was told that if I did that, my daughter would move to the next school that had a different problem with it, which is why I asked for the move,” she said.

The woman said she had been told by a school employee that she would have to pay “a few dollars more” for her daughter to move to another classroom.”[The school employee] said that was normal, that it’s not that big of a price tag for me to pay, and that I shouldn’t worry about it, she was right, because I’m a very sensitive and sensitive person,” she told the Nine Network.

“I don’t think it’s right that she’s moving away from home, because she has no friends there.”‘

We’ll move her’The teacher was told her move would cost her “a little bit more”, and she said she did not think it was “appropriate”.

“We are in the process of moving the school,” she explained.

“We’re not going to be able to stay at home, we’ll move them, we’ve got our car there and we’ll be gone for a few days.”

“I feel very upset.

I feel I’m being pushed to the edge of mental breakdown.”

She said the school staff did not “give a shit about my child”.

“They are not looking after my child.

I have to move my daughter to another part of town because I don’t know where she is,” she added.’

We can’t afford to go’She also told the program the school had told her they would not be able “to take any of her stuff” in the classroom.”(They told) they don’t have the money for it, they’ll take her to another district, and if they don, she’ll have to come back to me, she won’t be able come back,” she argued.

“It’s just a shame because my daughter is a very smart and talented young woman, and they’ve just taken her away from her.”

“If she was going to go to school, she would be at home,” she also said.

She said she hoped the school would “get this right”.

“Hopefully they’ll move my school desk and make it more affordable to her,” she concluded.

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