It’s a place where everyone knows everyone else.

And everyone loves everyone else, except one.

It’s the Flatiron School for the Performing Arts, where a class of teens are told to put on a show and sing along to the same song.

They’re the students of The Riverdale, a show based on the Archie Comics series that premiered in 2015.

It’s about a gang of teenagers that’s all about fun and fun-a world where everyone loves the same color, they all have a crush on Archie, and they’re a lot of fun.

The show is a little different from the rest of TV, however.

Instead of a bunch of teens doing their thing, they’re all in different classes, each with their own personalities and stories to tell.

They’re all different, and it’s a way for the show to tell a story without relying on an established ensemble of characters.

It’s a show that is about a group of people who all have different stories, their own characters, and a place to call home.

It might be about a boy trying to navigate his sexuality and his past, a girl who’s trying to fit in, a guy who is trying to figure out how to fit into the world, or an old man who’s been in a relationship for years and has found his way to the school.

The show’s characters have their own lives, too, and sometimes, their relationships do as well.

That’s what makes this show special.

And it also makes it a bit strange.

Riverdale is a show about the life of an adolescent.

If you’re like me, you’re also a huge fan of the Archie comics, a franchise that has had some major changes over the years.

The show takes place in the town of Riverdale in the fictional city of San Diego, which is a small town that sits on a river and hosts a variety of events including festivals, musicals, parades, and conventions.

It has the most diverse cast of characters ever in TV, from a teenage superhero named Archie, to a teenage cross-dresser named Raven.

In some ways, it’s more grounded than the rest.

Like most TV shows, The Riverdys aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel.

They don’t have to do anything special.

They have to find their own way and have fun.

And in a lot cases, that’s what the show does.

The most notable change to the show has been the casting of the show’s main cast.

The series has always had an ensemble cast of teenagers, but the new series is different.

Instead, the show is trying out a more diverse cast.

A lot of the original cast has returned, with some notable additions including the teenage lead, Josie, who is an actress and the mother of two.

Josie has also grown in her role as an actress, appearing in the show twice and getting to play a new character in Season 2.

This new cast of students also includes the main characters of the series, Archie and Veronica, who are both from the Riverdale High School, which was once called Riverdale Academy.

Josie and Veronica have the most extensive storylines in the series.

They both have their parents who are also Riverdale high-school students, and both have had their teenage careers come to an end.

In the first season, Josia and Veronica’s parents were killed, and in the second season, they were found by their new parents.

They were both in college when they found themselves at the center of a town that had become embroiled in a scandal.

But they both were able to find a place in this town that didn’t really fit into their existing identities.

I think that this is what we’re trying to do with the Riverdens, to tell their story in a way that’s not really tied to their current identity.

We’re trying out different things.

We don’t really have to be that straight.

We are a different kind of family.

It doesn’t have that exact story.

It may be that they have this really interesting relationship, or maybe they don’t.

I’m not really sure how it will all work out.

We’ll find out.

They’ll have a very long journey together.

They won’t be the same.

And for the first time, The Archie Show isn’t just trying to be another Archie show.

It also has a lot more fun.

It wants to be something fun.

We’ll see how the show turns out, and how it lives up to its name.

It just doesn’t feel like a typical Archie show anymore.

But, hopefully, fans will enjoy it.

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