Posted September 25, 2018 07:05:50Celebrating the Centennial of The Melbourne Cup, a national high school competition, will feature more than a dozen games across the country on Friday.

The annual event is a chance to test your skills in one of the most challenging sports in Australia.

This year’s contest will see teams from across the state of Victoria take on the national champions at Melbourne Cup.

The Centennial High School Championships is the largest competition in the state and the fourth in Melbourne.

It attracts more than 1,000 participants every year, many of them teenagers who attend the state’s elite private schools.

It also features the country’s top high school players and is an annual event in Melbourne, where the city is home to more than 2,000 students.

A total of 18 high schools from the state compete, including St Peters, Marlborough, Maitland, Cottesloe, St George, Lonsdale, Dandenong and the University of Melbourne.

The games will start at 9:00am, with the first game at 11:00pm.

Players from each school will be randomly selected from among the participating teams and will play a series of two-minute games against a single opponent.

The top-ranked team will play the second-placed team for the final spot in the tournament.

The finals match will be a three-way tie.

The winner will take home the trophy, while the runner-up will be awarded a scholarship to attend a top Australian high school.

The Victoria Cup is sponsored by the Victorian Government, which has allocated $40,000 to the Victorian High School Championship each year.

The event is sponsored and organised by Melbourne Cup Victoria, and the Victorian Premier has pledged $1 million to the event.