Posted May 03, 2018 09:19:25 There’s a school in Boston that’s been offering affordable online classes to students for free since last summer.

The online school for students from the South High School in Boston offers classes that are taught in English and French.

Students can sign up to take classes at the school, and are allowed to take a few hours per week.

The school’s online courses range from an introductory level to a complete law degree, according to its website.

While some schools charge more for their classes, the average price is only $45, according the school’s website.

Students pay $20 per hour for a full-time tutor, which is equivalent to about $45.

The cost is comparable to some online schools, like the online law school Teach for America.

In addition to its online classes, The South High is also offering a full library of more than 20,000 books.

Students can search through books for free online by typing “books” in the search box, and can also borrow textbooks for $1.20 each.

The website also has a virtual book store for students to read their books, with more than 50 titles to choose from.

The South High, a free online school founded in 2010, offers online classes for students in grades K-12, according its website, which also shows students how to get started.

Students may also opt to attend a private school in their community that offers an online school.

Some of these schools offer online programs as well, but the South School of The South is the only one offering it as a full online school option.

The school offers online and online-only classes, as well as tutoring in French, German, English and Spanish.