The UK is in a “dangerous place” with schools and teachers being “left to their own devices”, according to the Education Secretary.

“There are no effective ways of stopping students using social media to promote themselves, and we must do more to tackle this growing threat,” Nicky Morgan said.

She told MPs the Government has launched a pilot scheme to reduce bullying and cyberbullying at schools.

She said: “Schools have the power to create a safe environment where students can learn and thrive.”

We have to do more.

I have set up a pilot project to make it easier for schools to identify and take action against bullying.

“These initiatives will help us make sure our schools are a safe place for students to learn and flourish.”

The pilot scheme will involve teaching teachers and staff how to use social media platforms to report and prevent bullying, and using “virtual tools” to create an “in-person” environment for students.

The Government has also launched a new national anti-bullying strategy.

“We have a national strategy, and I want to make sure we’re taking it seriously, but it’s also about making sure we can support schools, particularly those that need it most,” she said.

“I want to see schools that are able to support young people and help them develop skills to cope with bullying.”

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