The Department of Health and Human Services announced Monday it would suspend all health insurance for thousands of young people in Florida, including some who enrolled in private school, while investigations into whether the state has violated the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act are ongoing.

The suspension will last for the next 90 days, which means many of the students could have lost insurance, but it will not affect anyone who is enrolled in school.

The agency said it would hold hearings into the health care system for students enrolled in the private, charter, or co-ed programs.

It said it will hold hearings in a week to determine whether schools should be required to have an enrollment cap for students with disabilities.

The state is considering a new rule to allow students with severe disabilities to enroll in school without a cap, according to the agency, which issued a press release on Monday.

Under the new rule, a student who has severe disabilities would be allowed to attend school if he or she has a physical or mental impairment that limits their ability to learn, according the release.

The rule would require schools to consider students with a disability when making admissions decisions and would require students who receive a disability evaluation to participate in school-based assessment sessions.

Under the new regulation, schools could still determine if a student with a physical disability is a good fit for school and enroll them in a student-centered learning program.

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