The New Jersey School System is closing its doors after the latest Ebola case.

The NJ State Education Department said on Wednesday that the state has closed more than 1,500 schools for the outbreak, which has now claimed the lives of five children and sickened at least 16.

According to the state’s website, schools in the state are being closed for three days, while schools in surrounding areas are being open and students are being offered a variety of health and nutrition classes.

The closures are in response to the latest case of Ebola in New Jersey, the governor’s office said.NJ school districts are currently being closed because of an Ebola outbreak, according to the governor.

The governor is also calling on all schools in New York State to close until all of the cases have been contained.

Schools in New Orleans, Detroit, and Chicago will be closed on Tuesday.

According the New Jersey Department of Education, the first case of an airborne viral disease in the United States was diagnosed in New Brunswick, New Jersey on Feb. 6.

The first case was confirmed in Newark on Feb 10.