FOX SPORTS has partnered with the Walt Disney Company to give elementary schoolers a new soundtrack to listen to in the years ahead.

The new “Elementary School Musical” series of music videos is set to debut in 2018, and it’s based on the original Disney animated films and the classic children’s book series.

The series is being produced by Fox’s Walt Disney Animation Studios.

According to Fox Sports, the series is created by music director Michael C. Williams (The Jungle Book), a longtime Disney veteran who has worked on such films as Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and Snow White.

The show is based on Walt Disney Pictures’ “Disney Classics” series, and the Walt Parks and Resorts company is producing.

The series features songs from the animated film, songs from Disney classics, original songs, and original compositions.

The soundtrack will be available as a digital download, and will also be available for purchase as an audio CD and on select Disney mobile platforms.

The music will be performed by the Walt Walt Disney Orchestra.

It is being performed by Walt Disney World Band, and The Walt Disney Band, who are known for their “Beauty and the Beat,” will be performing in the series.

Walt Disney Animation Studio’s Michael C Williams (who is also known for his work on Beauty and The Beast and The Jungle Book) and The Disney Orchestra will be providing music for the series, which will be produced by Disney.