A Rutgers-NJP School of Nursing student is receiving nearly two times the amount of educational supplies and tutors from her school than other students, a Rutgers-affiliated nonprofit has found.

Rutgers and New Jersey-based NJP Education Services (NJES) say the disparity is due to the NJES and NJPS programs’ reliance on private contractors, which typically charge an additional fee.NJES and the NJPS, which are both managed by the New Jersey State Education Department, work closely with the NJ State Board of Education on educational materials, supplies and instruction.NJPS officials said in a statement to The Associated Press that they are “aware of the discrepancy” and are working to resolve it.

The NJPS website says the NJERS program “provides resources and support to students and families of NJPS schools.”

The website says it is funded by the State Education Office.NJERS is also run by NJES.

The two programs are separate but work closely together.NJ Schools, meanwhile, said NJES supplies have increased “over the last two years.”NJES said it is not aware of any NJERS resources being provided to Rutgers students, but NJES also said it has made arrangements for NJES to provide additional resources to NJES students.

NJES said that in 2017 it provided NJES with materials and tutoring services.

The Rutgers-NJPS School of Public Health, which manages Rutgers’ public health program, said it does not know how much NJES is charging for supplies.

The School of Medicine said NJERS supplies have not increased over the last year and that it has not seen any increase in costs related to NJERS.NJMS also said NJPS supplies are not subject to the same federal regulations as NJES’s, but the two programs have “similar requirements for the distribution of supplies.”NJMS said NJOS supplies have declined in value and are now more expensive than NJERS, but said it did not have data on the price difference.NJOS said in an emailed statement to NJTimes that the program’s funding is “funds used to support students and teachers who provide support for NJPS students and to support programs and services that promote education and knowledge in New Jersey.”NJOS is an independent nonprofit that provides a variety of services for students and their families.

It also works to support NJPS in its mission to educate students through the arts, science, technology, engineering, math, reading and language arts.NJBS said in its statement that the NJOS program has seen a significant decrease in student demand and a significant increase in supplies and supplies from other school districts.

The two schools said they have reached agreements with NJBS to continue providing NJBS supplies.NJIS, the State School Board’s public education agency, has been involved in a number of education policy disputes over the past year.

A number of NJIS-affiliated schools have closed or closed schools in recent years because of budget cuts.NJS and NJES have been at odds over a number issues, including the state’s proposed elimination of the state-run Community Schools for the Arts, a program that provides free arts education to low-income students.NJLS said in 2016 that it had “serious concerns” that the Community Schools program could be eliminated and NJBS “categorically opposed” it.

NJLS also said in the statement that it would not participate in a contract that would remove the Community School Program.NJDS said in May that it was “very confident” that NJIS and NJTS will continue to provide NJES-administered supplies.

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