The online school network has taken on a new urgency in recent years, thanks to the popularity of its social-studies programs and the growing popularity of the online-learning platform Coursera.

The two companies have a combined 5 million students.

But while Courseras is becoming more and more popular with online-students, many traditional public schools are struggling to keep up.

A growing number of public schools in the United States have found themselves without online-schools, or have closed their doors entirely.

In some cases, public schools have shut down entirely.

This summer, a group of former teachers at Riverside High School in the San Fernando Valley and the Riverside Independent School District filed a lawsuit against Courserabook, accusing it of forcing them to teach on laptops instead of classroom computers, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The lawsuit was filed by former teachers David Dolan and John Stoll.

The Riverside Independent Schools District was among the first public schools to shut down its online program in 2011.

The district is now one of several districts across the country struggling to maintain online schools.

The California Department of Education’s office of inspector general found in 2015 that the district failed to properly monitor the quality of its online programs and teachers.

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