A mother and daughter say they are upset after learning their child was put on a ventilator in a school’s massage therapy school and was given an emergency ventilators.

“We had a parent come up to us after school and she said, ‘Oh my god, your child is in a ventilated room with no food or water,'” said Tracey Hensley, whose 6-year-old son Daniel has autism.

Hensleys son Daniel was in a private room at a Springfield public school.

Daniel was put into the Ventilator Room on April 9.

The school’s principal said she would have a nurse check on him after lunch.

Hennys son said he wasn’t allowed to use the bathroom.

She said she told him he was in pain.

Daniel said he was told the ventilations were for his safety and that they were being used to try to relieve his pain.

“He just kept telling me, ‘Don’t let them do that, it’s not right,'” Hensleys son said.

Hengley said her son was given ventilated oxygen and he was then transferred to a room with a ventilation system.

She also said her daughter had an oxygen mask, and that was removed from her hands after school.

Hinsley said she wants to know what happened to her son and wants to see an investigation.

“It’s a shock for me because I think he would have loved that, to have his parents and school there with him, knowing that he had that support, knowing he could be at school, having a chance to be a part of the school community,” Hensles said.

Parents say they have been called to school multiple times for Daniel Hensly after he was placed in a Ventilators room with his parents.

They have been told Daniel was ventilating himself, but they don’t know what he was doing.

Hansley said that in the meantime, she and her son are concerned that his ventilatory support was removed.

“I feel like we need to get some answers, and then we need him back to the classroom and his peers to see him again,” she said.

Springfield Public Schools released the following statement to CBC News: “As soon as the incident occurred, we initiated an investigation and we will continue to cooperate fully with the investigation.”

The Springfield School District also released a statement to the media, saying it is “deeply concerned” about the situation.

“At no time did we condone any behavior in the classroom or anywhere in the school district, including the Ventimatic Room, that could cause any injury to any student, teacher or staff,” the statement read.

Springfield police said they were called to the school in Springfield, about 30 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg, to assist with the incident.

The Springfield police department has also asked for the public’s help in finding Daniel Hengly.

He is expected to be released from hospital later this week.