There’s a new meme out there, and it’s coming from Reddit.

Reddit Medical School, an online medical school in San Jose, Calif., is getting its own subreddit called /r/medicalschool, and that’s where users are posting memes about medical school, the AMA and even an AMA about medical research.

A recent Reddit AMA, posted last week, brought in more than 5,500 subscribers.

Reddit is famous for its free, community-created content, but the school is not immune to the trend, with memes appearing in news articles and videos, and even a viral YouTube video called “Medical school memes.”

The school’s AMA, for instance, has over 15,000 subscribers, and a screenshot of the AMA can be found on the school’s subreddit.

/r /medicalschool /r ಠ_ಡ /r AMA AMA AMA I’ve made a meme.

How can you not know that I’m going to get fired?

AMA AMA The AMA meme is a simple yet charming one.

It’s a nod to Reddit’s reputation for its community-oriented design, and the fact that it’s posted on a subreddit known for its content is a bit of a hit with Reddit users.

/u/pizzamilos, one of the school Reddit moderators, explained the appeal of the meme on Reddit.

“We’re trying to be as creative as possible with this, which means we try to put memes together as fast as we can,” he wrote.

“The AMA memes are a bit more complicated, but still fun to make.”

The subreddit is a hub for medical memes and related content.

/d /d AMA AMA /u /pizzomilos /r

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