Dearborn Public Schools, a charter school, has released a video campaign featuring its students on the “School ClipArt” site.

The campaign, which was launched on September 1, features clips from the local news and has been viewed by more than 1 million people.

“When students visit the ‘clipart’ page on the site, they are able to choose from several designs that are inspired by the local community,” a statement from the school reads.

“This gives students an opportunity to explore their creativity and discover what it means to be a part of a local community and to grow as learners.”

The campaign has been criticised by local politicians and teachers for its lack of diversity. 

“The school district has not shown the slightest interest in addressing this,” Mayor Michael A. D’Auria said in a statement.

“Instead, the district has chosen to push a politically correct agenda that ignores the diversity of the city.”

D’Aura said he was “very concerned” about the decision.

“I don’t know how it can be acceptable that the district is attempting to use its power to promote one view of the local communities.

It is deeply offensive to all communities in our city,” he said. 

The campaign is being criticised by some local schools and parents.

“There’s a lot of pressure being put on parents and teachers to create these images.

We just don’t see it,” one parent, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Huffington Post UK.”

If a kid wants to do something to be cool, it’s cool to be in their own world.

But it’s not cool to show up to a school and do it, and not be respectful to the people who were here,” the parent said.”

I’m a proud mom, but I’m not a proud dad,” another parent added.

The campaign was also criticised for its use of a cartoon, which the teacher said had “a racial overtones”. 

“I don’ think it’s appropriate for any school in America to use a cartoon like that in front of their students,” the teacher told HuffPost UK.

“There is no excuse for that.

It’s just disrespectful.

It would be like a child doing a video game with a cartoon of a monkey in front.

That’s not appropriate.

That would be a gross violation of their First Amendment rights.”

A number of local school leaders have also expressed their concerns, including:A spokesperson for Dearborn’s School Board said the school district had not yet received the video campaign’s comments, but it was “reviewing” the comments.

“We understand that it has come from our community and we respect that,” the spokesperson said.

“We’re looking into this and are reviewing it.

We want to make sure we are complying with the law.”

The Huffington Post has contacted the Dearborn School Board for comment.

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