The best medical school,flight schools and medical practice schools for every major health condition are now available online.

The top 10 best medical programs in each area are: 1.

Florida Atlantic University (FAU) 2.

Emory University 3.

Boston University 4.

Boston Medical School 5.

University of Michigan Medical School 6.

University at Albany 7.

University College London 8.

University Medical Centre London 9.

University Hospital, London 10.

Duke University 11.

University Health Network 12.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons 13.

University Hospitals and Clinics of Chicago 14.

University Medicine 15.

University Veterinary Hospital, Melbourne 16.

Duke Health and Human Sciences 17.

University Cancer Institute 18.

Mayo Clinic 19.

University School of Medicine, Rochester, Minnesota 20.

University Research Institute for Clinical Chemistry 21.

University Healthcare London 22.

The University of Chicago 23.

University Northampton 24.

University in the U.K. 25.

The Cleveland Clinic 26.

St. Michael’s Hospital, St. Thomas, Minnesota 27.

University Of Southern California 28.

University At Buffalo 29.

StataCorp Medical Center 30.

Duke Clinical Sciences 31.

University Methodist Hospital 32.

The Pennsylvania State University 33.

Boston Children’s Hospital 34.

University Memorial Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio 35.

University Central Florida 36.

University South Carolina 37.

Cleveland Clinic 38.

University and State University of New York Medical Center 39.

University Riverside 40.

Mayo Children’s Medical Center 41.

University Children’s Hospitals in Cleveland, Cleveland Clinic and Children’s National Medical Center 42.

Cleveland Regional Medical Center 43.

Stony Brook University 44.

The Scripps Research Institute 45.

University Southern California Medical Center 46.

University Interscience Healthcare Research Institute 47.

The Johns Hopkins University Medical Center 48.

University San Francisco 49.

University Hillsborough 50.

University Community Hospital 51.

University Park, California 52.

University Pacific Health 53.

Cleveland State University 54.

University Colorado 55.

University Merced 56.

University Texas Medical Branch 57.

University West Texas Medical Center 58.

St Andrew’s University Medical School 59.

St Andrews University, Perth, Scotland 60.

St Vincent de Paul University 61.

University Sydney 62.

University Queensland 63.

University Victoria 64.

University University of South Australia 65.

University New Zealand 66.

University Royal College of Art 67.

St Johns University 68.

University Saint-Petersburg 69.

University, Australia 70.

University London 71.

The Children’s College of Florida 72.

The Alfred Hospital in Toronto 73.

The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Michigan 74.

The Massachusetts General Hospital 75.

Stellenbosch University 76.

University Zurich 77.

The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 78.

St Peter’s Hospital in London 79.

University Adelaide 80.

The Centre for Global Health in Berlin 81.

The Boston University Medical College 82.

The Duke University Medical Research Institute 83.

University Leiden 84.

The Royal Marsden Hospital in Leicester 85.

The Australian National University 86.

University Santa Cruz 87.

University Paris 86.

The National University of Singapore 88.

University Geneva 89.

St John’s University 90.

University Copenhagen 91.

University Barcelona 92.

The Queensland University of Technology 93.

The Ohio State University 94.

The Texas Medical School 95.

University Montréal 96.

The Loyola University Chicago 97.

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine 98.

University Chicago 99.

The Harvard Medical School 100.

The M.D. Anderson Cancer Center 101.

The Icahn School of Public Health at Mount Sinai 103.

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute 104.

The Baylor College of Law 105.

The Medical College of Wisconsin 106.

University Florida 107.

The New York University School Of Medicine 108.

University Georgia 109.

The Stanford University School 8.8 million people have access to a medical school and more than 30 million are enrolled.

The majority of medical students have the option of attending a medical center.

Medical students are able to work at the largest medical facilities and spend more time in patient care.

Some programs also offer residency and post-graduate training options.

The following is a list of the top 10 medical schools.


FAU Florida Atlantic has a reputation for excellence in medicine, particularly in orthopedic surgery.

The school offers a variety of programs to ensure students have access and access to the best medical care in Florida.

Students can choose from a wide variety of medical programs, including internal medicine, orthopedics, general surgery, gynecology, dermatology, pediatrics, radiology, endocrinology, neurology and oncology.

The students can also enroll in the Medical College’s clinical training program to specialize in one of the medical fields in which they have expertise.


St Thomas University St Thomas is one of many medical schools that offer a variety the medical training programs available to students.

The School of Nursing and Health Care Administration offers a full range of programs, ranging from nursing and family medicine to psychiatry, family medicine, pediology, psychiatry, pedagogy, pediatric nursing and allied health.


EmORY University Emory is